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(Music) Victoria Orenze – “What Medication”

Nigerian Gospel music power house; Victoria Orenze unveils a brand new single and music video titled, “What Medication.”

Airing her thoughts via her Youtube social platform, Victoria says; “Psalm 67:5-6, On Saturday, the 15th of April, which was just a week ago, I was in my hotel room in the UK, talking to my friend on the phone about my meditation over the previous five days(I meditate a lot on the Bible – The Word of GOD).”

“My meditation was about how we as believers usually seek help, answers and results from everywhere else except the Bible.

Meanwhile, the Bible has all the right prescriptions for every situation. “Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth”- Psalm‬ ‭48‬:‭2‬a”

As we were talking, I started to sing spiritual songs based on my meditation on the Word of God and this revelation took me over.” – She continues.

“She caught the revelation too and started to sing along. It was clear to us that heaven just opened and sent us manna and we praised God. Then it dawned on us: that this was not my kind of expression (meaning the kind of song expression I like or would naturally even listen to).

She got off the phone and I started to burn. The Holy Spirit didn’t give me rest. He reminded me about a sermon He preached to me about three(3) months prior, about The Gospel.

(The Gospel- Jesus Christ is not a genre of music but can be expressed through different genres, arts and styles) I knew instantly that this must be recorded immediately.” – Orenze says.

“However, here I was, in London, not in my comfort zone, Nigeria, where we are very spontaneous and can pull anything off in a matter of hours.

To cut a long story short, I recorded my vocals with my phone, and called my son, Faithful, in Nigeria to put down all I was hearing.

I called Iyke, my brother about the video. I put the word out to get people who will feature in the video and all the impossibilities became possibilities in less than four(4) days.

The spirit is moving and working! For those who don’t like other genres of music- my message to you is – God can use anything! Just test the spirit! also, test the source.” – Victoria Orenze concludes.

The Faithful Orji produced track has its music video shot and directed by  Iyke Eche (for HS Ideas).


Matthias David
Matthias David
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