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One Big Mistake Most Christians Make

It is being more strict than God himself

Yes you must be wondering how true this is, but it doesn’t make it any less truth.

Take for example, the story of the very subtle Serpent and Eve in the garden of Eden as written in the scriptures in Genesis 3:1,

The serpent teased Eve that God didn’t want her to enjoy any of the trees in the garden,

But Eve was quick to defend God by telling the serpent that it was only the fruits of the middle tree that God has ordered them not to eat.

as contained in (vv2-3).

But here comes the strictness; she added that mere touching the tree would bring death (v.3), 

God didn’t say a thing about touching the tree.

Most Christians today believe that going beyond God’s command is a mark of impeccable holiness.

But as a result of this, we tend to miss out on the orchard because we are denied a single fruit

Some Christians will not even touch the tree next to the middle tree, but God doesn’t like it this way (1 Tim 6:17).

God hates it when we focus on what is being prohibited. see Genesis 1:28-31, Psalms 36:7-9, Ecclesiastes 2, Acts 14:17, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Colossians 2:20-23.

Courtesy ; Our Daily Bread


Matthias David
Matthias David
Working in His vine, as He does even more at mine.


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